Research Materials

I. Background research: list of projects relevant to the SINPHONIE project

Project Acronym

Project full title



Health Effects of Schools Environment


European Indoor Air Monitoring and Exposure Assessment Project



School environment and respiratory health of children



Binnenlucht in Basisscholen (IAQ in Belgium schools)

Indoor Air Pollution in Schools

EFA project: Indoor Air Pollution in Schools


The health and the air we breathe


Health Effects of Indoor Pollutants: Integrating microbial, toxicological and epidemiological approaches


Interventions on Health Effects of School Environment


Building Materials Prioritization as indoor pollution Sources


Observatory of indoor air quality, “De l’air pour nos enfants” (Air for our children) (see programme ENFANTS)




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 2. Current research

The progress report of the SINPHONIE project will be uploaded in May 2011.