Project Opening meeting

Venue: Regional Environmental Center (REC), Hungary

Date: 10-11-12 November 2010


10 November 2010 - Project Opening meeting



Coordination Committee meeting (REC, IDMEC-FEUP, JRC, NIEH)

Chair: Eva Csobod and Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes

Finalisation of the SC meeting. ppt_icon
Key priorities: workplan, harmonization of WPs.
Coordination tools. (CC, TC, SC, AB, meetings)
Financial issues.


Technical Committee meeting (CC, WP leaders and co-leaders)

Chair: Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes and Eva Csobod

Finalisation of the WP presentations for the SC meeting. ppt_icon
Workplan. Harmonisation of the WP3 and WP4.
Training, preparation of the field work.



11 November 2010 - SINPHONIE Steering Committee meeting



Arrival and welcome coffee



Chair: E. Csobod, REC

Welcome by M. Bonifert, REC Executive Director ppt
Introduction the agenda, E. Csobod, REC ppt
Welcome address, S. Kephalopoulos, JRC on behalf of  G. Gallo, DG SANCO
SINPHONIE concept and objectives, E. Oliveira Fernandes, IDMEC-FEUP ppt
SINPHONIE overall coordination, E. Csobod, REC ppt

10:45- 11:00

Coffee break


Context presented by
the WP leader/co-leader

Chair: S. Kephalopoulos, JRC

Health determinants, exposure & sources in schools (WP2) Piersante Sestini, USiena pdf(HESE) and /Peter Rudnai, NIEH ppt (SEARCH).
Health impact of actions on IAQ, E. Oliveira Fernandes, IDMEC-FEUP ppt
EC actions on  IAQ,S. Kephalopoulos, JRC ppt




Overall work programme,
presentation by the WP leader/
co-leader (session 1)

Chair: Eva Vaskovi, NIEH, Hungary

Characterization of the school buildings (WP3.1) Gabriela Ventura, IDMEC-FEUP ppt
Physical and chemical measurements (WP3.2) Marianne Stranger, VITO ppt
Biological measurements (WP3.3) Taubel Martin, THL ppt
Environment context and modelling (WP3.4)Margherita Niki-Assimakopoulos, NKUA ppt
Assessment of health outcomes (WP4) Giovanni Viegi, CNR Palermo ppt
Clinical field survey (WP4.1) Peter Rudnai, NIEH ppt
Clinical tests (WP4.2) Piersante Sestini, USiena pdf


Coffee break


Horizontal issues, assessment, outputs, presentation by the WP leader/ co-leader (session 2)

Chair: Anna Paldy, NIEH, Hungary

Data management, cross analysis and database (WP5, 5.1, 5.2) Phylomena Bluyssen,TNO and Alena Bartonova, NILU ppt
Health risk assessment (WP6) Paolo Carrer, UMIL ppt
Risk management & development of guidelines/recommendations (WP7) Stylianos Kephalopoulos, JRC ppt
Communication & dissemination (WP8) Eva Csobod/Reka Prokai, REC ppt





Chair: E. de Oliveira Fernandes, IDMEC-FEUP, Portugal

SINPHONIE overall management, consortium agreement, E. Csobod, REC
Final remarks, E. de Oliveira Fernandes, IDMEC-FEUP ppt
Closing, Otto Szabo, REC Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe



12 November 2010


Parallel Meetings

Meeting of the WP 3.1pdf3.2ppt 3.3,
WP 4pdf WP 5pdf and WP 6.


Meeting of Technical Committee (CC, WP leaders and co-leaders)

Follow up of the SC meeting. Implementation of the WPs.

Parallel Meetings

1. Coordination Committee meeting.

Consortium Agreement ppt
Evaluation and follow up of the SC and TC meeting
Budget issues
Coordination of implementation


2. Meeting of the regional coordinator in the SEE region.