Research Design

The objectives of the SINPHONIE project are the followings

    1. To review previous research on IAQ and its impact on health, and to assess the policy relevance of the research objectives and conclusions.
  • To assess the outdoor/indoor school environment and its impact on health by:
    • measuring and assessing the physical parameters of, as well as chemical and biological contaminants found in, indoor air in schools and childcare facilities throughout Europe in order to produce new exposure data;
    • evaluating the impact of external factors, such as traffic and climate change, on the indoor school environment; and
    • obtaining data on the health status of children and health impacts related to the indoor environment through questionnaires, clinical tests and health impact assessments.
  • To manage risk and develop recommendations by:
    • evaluating the impact of indoor air in classrooms on children’s health and performance;
    • producing guidelines on remedial measures for improving IAQ in the school environment; and
    • disseminating project outputs and policy recommendations to relevant stakeholders with the capacity to take action on highlighted issues.